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Mr Dj Music Studio 2 – Final Version

December 22nd, 2016 Posted in download, news | No Comments »

A small update to Mr Dj 2 with some minor fixes and removal of all limitations.


The End of Mr Dj Music Studio

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Id like to thank anyone who purchased and used my software of the years, without your support it wouldn’t have been possable to get to where Mr Dj is today.

What started with a simple idea of “how can i play songs in a folder?” turned into something that im proud of.

Well todays world is different and while ive always tried my best its no longer possable to maintain this project.  Version 3 is working but its not good enough to release yet.

Mr Dj Music Will Expire when the domain expires and will not be renewed however the site will still be hosted at

Mr Dj Music Studio 3 – In Development

January 4th, 2014 Posted in news | 2 Comments »

Im currently working away on the next version of Mr Dj in fact ive been working on part-time for a while now.  Due to having to develop with a completely new Programming Language and re-writing the application for the ground up its going to take a while exactly how long i cant say. I can already say that Mr Dj 3 will be;

  • Much Faster
  • Easier to use

Im still doing a lot of research and trial and error into figuring things out, will update this page when ive more to reveal.  Id like to thank the many people who have used my software over the years and i hope i can make version 3 even better.

Website Hosting Problems

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Apologies for issues with the site over the last week, my hosting provider is having issues i havnt been able to fix the site until today.

Mr DJ Music Studio 2 – Mp3 Music Manager

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Mr DJ Music Studio 2 is Now Freeware

Mr Dj Music Studio is now completly FREE! All you need to do is fill out a form and wait for your unlock code via email.

You can now download Mr Dj 2 for Free by filling out a form for a Free Unlock Code.

Get your FREE Unlock Code now!

Mr Dj Music Studio 2 Tutorials!

Ive made new tutorials for Mr Dj Music Studio and removed the old outdated ones. The New Tutorials included a voice-over and detailed instructions on how to use Mr Dj. They are quite detailed and cover all aspects of using Mr DJ Music Studio 2.

View Tutorials here>> 


Clean software download

Download Mr DJ Music Studio 2.10.1054

Mr Dj Music Studio Reviews: Review:

Mr DJ Music Studio – it’s high time you put the needle on the vinyl!

If you can’t live a single day without music and are always on the
look for new trends and bands, you definitely need appropriate
software to handle your large music collection. Music tracks, videos,
cover art, lyrics, tags, playlists – all these things should be in
place and organized if you are serious about music. Mr DJ Music Studio
is here to help you do all this and much, much more!

The software supports three music players – internal player, Winamp
and Windows Media Player – and lets you choose the one you like best!
However, diversity doesn’t end here – Mr DJ Music Studio is a 4-in-1
product, so you  get Mr DJ Music Studio 2 for your music, Mr DJ Lyric
Editor for your favorite song lyrics, CD Archiver for keeping track of
all of your CD’s and CD Ripper & Encoder for even more fresh music!
The software has dozens of cool features and this article cannot
possibly describe them all, but here is a quick snapshot: playback
randomization presets, automatic genre detection, full support of ID3
tags, mood selection, MP3 merging and splitting, MP3 players support,
advanced playlist management, duplicate files remover, CDDB lookup,
karaoke mode, playback statistics and even direct export of your music
to a number of games, including Counter Strike, Battlefield: Vietnam,
Sims 2, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, SimCity 4 and, of course, GTA IV!

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It really is fun, so check out this great
software right away and get the party started!

Mr DJ Music Studio is a program that makes organising music easy. This program was developed to make playing and managing music easier than ever.

If you hate I-tunes and loath Windows Media Players Restrictive library features why not the the demo and see if Mr Dj Music Studio is for you!

Its the complete all in One MP3 Music Program.

  • Music Library:
    • Manage your Mp3 Collection
    • Sort,Search and rate your Music
    • Create, Save and Play your Playlists
  • CD Ripper/Encoder (Not Vista Compatable): *
    • Encode Your Music Cd’s to Mp3
    • Lookup Tracknames and Artist info via CDDB
  • CD Archiver:
    • Archive your CD and DVDs
    • Search your Entire CD/DVD library for files
  • Lyric Editor
    • Find the lyrics for your music
    • Create Sing a long lyrics to your music

Get Organised:
If you store your Mp3 Files in many drivers/folders you’ll find this program fantastic use. Have you ever gone to the trouble to organize your Mp3 files only to find out that you cant play what you want when you want. You cant play your favourite Album as you can find it.

Get in Control:
If your tired of not having control of your Mp3 files then nows the time to try Mr Dj Music Studio. Its easy to use and has many advanced features for the more Advanced user.

More information>>