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Q:Im running Windows XP SP3 and your program wont start?

A:In order to fix this issue, you will need to set the Compatabilty mode of “MrDj2.exe” to “Windows 2000”

Q:The “CD Ripper/Encoder” program doest work in Vista?

A: Due to the 3rd party controls the program uses this program will not work under Vista and will be left as it is.

Q:Does “Mr Dj 2” run with 64bit Vista and Windows XP 64 bit?

A: Yes it runs fine and its what im currently using.

Q: When i install the program in Windows Vista it crashes during the installation?

A: Run the installer in “Windows 2000” compatabilty mode, this was due to a bug in the install script which has been fixed. If you experience more problems ensure you have the latest version and that your running the program in “Administrator mode”

Q: Help, the program will not add music to my database? This can occur in in windows XP and Vista.

A: During some testing ive found that the program may not start correctly in some cases. To fix this right click on “mrdj2.exe” and set the compatabilty mode to “Windows 2000”.

Note that Mr DJ Music studio 2 Requires you to have the correct permissions for the folder where Mr Dj Music Studio 2 is installed. When setting up your music library, other wise you may experience problems in using the program.

Q: When i run Mr DJ Music Studio, i get loads of errors, what can i do?

  1. Make sure you have the latest update before you contact technical support.
  2. Make sure you the folder where Mr Dj Music Studio 2 is installed is Not A ‘Read-Only’ Folder.
  3. Make sure you have the right permissions set to use the folder where Mr Dj Music Studio 2 is installed in, which by default is “C:\Program Files\Mr Dj Music Studio 2\”
  4. Run Mr Dj Music Studio 2 in “Windows 2000” Compatability Mode.
  5. You Must let the Setup Program install the “MDAC 2.0” components otherwise the program will not function.

Q: I cant Transfer Songs to my I-Pod?

Due to the way I-Pods work you cant just copy a file over to it you need to use I-Tunes and import playlists you save with Mr Dj 2 into I-Tunes. You can transfer Songs to any other Mp3 Player though.

Q: I cant enter my registration code or it doesnt work?

A: First make sure you have the correct version of Mr DJ Music Studio i.e version 2.

NOTE: If you code does not work email tech support ASAP and a new one will be sent.

Q: How do i enter my Registration Code?

For detailed Steps click here.

Q: When i do XYZ in Mr DJ i get error ###?

Please note the action you were doing and the error you recieved.


Q: Does it offer visualization effects synchronized with the music?

No. Only Realtime Lyrics appearing in sync with the current song being played. However the program works with winamp, meaning you can play your music files in winamp instead of using the programs internal player and use all the plugins you want.

Q: Is it skinnable?

Yes, there are over 6 skins included. You can make your own fairly easily. the program also supports Windows XP Themes.

Q: Can it also play video clips like the latest Winamp can?

Mr DJ Music studio is an Mp3 Program, it plays Mp3 files. Support for Video files could be added but its not something i plan to do.

Q: Can I render audio to WAV format like Winamp’s plugins let me?

Yes you can rip Audio Cd’s to the Wav format or Mp3 Format.

Q: Do you support DSP effects such as Izotope Ozone Free, like Winamp does?

No. However the program works with winamp, meaning you can play your music files in winamp instead of using the programs internal player and use all the plugins you want.

Q: Can you support file formats that Winamp does, such as OGG, MJuice, MOD, S3M, XM, IT?

OGG is a format that may be supported in the future, but not at the moment.

Q: Can I listen to streaming audio from websites and internet radio stations using your program?

Mr DJ is an MP3 program and supports Mp3 files only at present, maybe after a few months depending on the feedback from Mr Dj this might be looked into.

Q: Does your program have a built in-browser?

No. there is one built into the Lyric Editor. There may be one in the future at the moment i cant see the need for one.

Q: Can I edit ID3v2 tags using your software?

Not at the moment on ID3V1 Tags are supported now but V2 tags will probably be supported in a later version. Again depending on user feedback.

Q: Can i Play my music in Winamp from MR DJ Music Studio?

Yes. All you have to do is setup winamp as the player instead of the programs internal player. You can also play file sin Windows Media Player from Mr Dj Music Studio.